The Other

Day 7

Prayer for the day

Sing to the LORD and bless his Name;* proclaim the good news of his salvation from day to day.

Scripture for the day

Genesis 18-19, Matthew 6:1-18

Some of the strangest stories in the scriptures reside in the book of Genesis. The stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his family, and others are certainly perplexing. Genesis also contains some of the most wonderful stories. The story of Abraham hosting his visitors is a beautiful picture of grace and welcome. It’s a topic we don’t think of much. What is required of us when it comes to visitors?

In Abraham’s story as well as Lot’s, God’s emissaries are treated with the utmost respect and care. In Matthew, Jesus speaks of the way we perform righteous actions…in integrity, with modesty and quietness.

In Genesis we see visitors treated with love and respect, care and interest. Both Abraham care for their visitors well, trading them as honoured guests. In Matthew, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray “give us this day our daily bread.” In Genesis, we see that it’s possible that we provide the answer to that prayer in some way. What does that mean? Abraham and Lot both were feeders and keepers of strangers. When we pay for God to keep and protect us, it is possible that God is calling others to be the answer to that prayer for its, and calling us to be the answer to that prayer for others.

Have you been the answer to a prayer for hospitality, care, love, or friendship?


2 thoughts on “The Other

  1. A few chapters back i saw abraham ( or was it abram) reffered to as ” the hebrew”. it struck me because it seemed out of place to mention that so i looked it up. turns out “hebrew” in in hebrew means – from the other side- or something close to that. the isrealites and hebrews, were two terms i was using to describe the people group interchangeably without much thought, but since google i can appreciate the distinction between identifying a people with the name of God and as stangers in a strange land. From personal experience i can tell you i have experienced great hospitality from non natives to calgary, or to canada, as well as from people who have been here for generations. i feel as though if you have been dealt with hospitably you will be more likely to offer hospitality when you are able.

    Perplexing is a soft, though appropriate word to use with respect to the circumstances surrounding Sodom and Gomorrah and lot and his family. I hope you are not offended by my saying so. The story is violent and creepy, but also touching and comforting in away. If they were to make a movie about it, Kids would not be able to watch it. perplexing was the whole pillar of salt thing. why salt? in that region, are there natural outcroppings of minerals? i thought instantly of the proverb a dog returning to it’s vomit… though i didn’t know it was in proverbs, and once a goggled the phrase, found out it as in 2 peter as well! Lot went to the city for the natural and economic advantage it provided- is that fair to say? what his wife’s motivations were for looking back we don’t know from this passage, but from what i know of myself, it would be hard to suddenly leave a place you’ve lived a long time and not have a peace of your heart taken from you. even if it was a bad place, especially if you held some advantage in the badness. utterly foolish of course- but how many times have i looked back in longing at my own sinful places?

    i say touching because Abram negotiates on behalf of his nephew for the city. He looks out for him, and that is touching. when he talks with the emissaries from God, is God there too? I am confused by the use of the word “Lord” and “LORD” ( the difference between Lord Adonai and Lord master in my translation?) comforting because God does look out for Lot for abraham’s sake, and considers abraham in his decision making. As we walk close to God the same courtesy is extended to us, no? The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

    modesty and quietness seem to be at odds with setting your light on a hill where it can’t be hid. if the integrity bit is true and it is if you do not discriminate with the rest of everybody with your well-doing, then it shouldn’t matter if you publicize it or not. it is never popular to do good for someone who is seen as bad. but maybe that will bring Glory to God in heaven? giving to the poor is generally considered a good thing here, so maybe as long as you’re not tooting your own horn, i think it’s OK to be public about it. on the other hand that’s not what’s being said here, clearly. it says keep your left hand from knowing what your right hand is doing. do it in secret. God will see it and reward you openly.

    i have been an answer to prayer for hospitality love care and friendship. at times, and never as frequently as my prayers for the same have been answered.

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