What’s the plan, Stan?

Day 15

Prayer for the day

You are my God, and I will thank you; you are my God, and I will exalt you.

Scripture for the day

Genesis 36-38, Matthew 10:21-42

The story of Joseph is one of the most famous in the Bible. The coat of many colours is the stuff of children’s tales and Broadway shows. One of the things we don’t get to see, however, in all of this glitz and retelling, is the mind of Joseph. He must have been terrified. He must have been frustrated. And he must certainly have wondered about those dreams. We can imagine him sitting in his pit, waiting for death (little did he know what was to come), and wondering about the God who had given him the dreams of being bowed down to by his family.

How beneficial then to Joseph would have been the words of Jesus: “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”

Sparrows, says Jesus, are sold for a penny. Joseph, apparently, was worth about twenty shekels of silver. But regardless of the price, we can imagine the comfort those words could have brought him. And this is not the end of Joseph’s story. He has a lot of rotten stuff still to come.

In times of seeming abandonment, times of pain and difficulty, it’s tough to remember that we mean something to God. In the good times, it’s not such a stretch, but when our world is collapsing around us, it’s tough to remember that we have worth in the eyes of our creator.

Life is unfair. People are brutally cruel. Our lives seem to be a litany of pain and sorrow. And yet, say the scriptures, we have worth in the eyes of our Father God. Not just worth, but tremendous value. And while we may not see that value now, while we may not feel it, it’s there. We are cared for. We are loved. We have worth in the eyes of the king. And if we are worth something in God’s eyes, we’re worth something.


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