I’ve Got the Power…

Day 20

Prayer for the day

Let them know that you, whose Name is YHWH, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

Genesis 49-50, Matthew 13:31-58

Jesus certainly had a way with words. His parables have entranced generations of Christians, who struggle to untangle their meanings. While the meaning of the parables may not always be clear, there is one connecting thread in the parables listed in the reading today: the kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus regularly speaks about this kingdom, telling stories, giving parables, analogies, similes, and direct knowledge to his disciples. He compares it to yeast, mustard, a fishing net, and fields. He puts his stories in terms his listeners will recognize, and hides treasure in the everyday. There is power in these small stories of the kingdom. Power in the short words of Jesus.

It’s amazing, sometimes. Our words have incredible power. Look at the blessings of Jacob on his sons. He speaks words of blessing (some a little more positive than others) over his sons, believing that God will carry out the promises and blessings he speaks. He believes there is power in the blessing he is bestowing.

The power, however, in both of these passages, lies not in the words themselves, but in the reality of the God behind the words. The kingdom parables are good, but the kingdom is where the true power lies. The blessings are good, but their fulfillment in God’s time is where the true power lies.

It’s easy to believe that words are truly powerful. But the truth is that the power of words lies in the reality they point to. When we speak kingdom words, words like “God loves you,” “God desires your best,” “God cares for you,” and the like, our words do not have intrinsic power. They are given power by the reality of the God who loves, who desires, and who cares.

As you speak words of truth and love this week and always, know that while your words are important, it is the God behind them who truly has the power.


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