A Good Guide

mash_signpost.imgDay 27

Prayer for the day

But as for me, O LORD, I cry to you for help; in the morning my prayer comes before you.

Scripture for the day

Exodus 16-18, Matthew 18:1-20

There’s almost nothing worse than being lost. And it’s particularly bad when you’ve been following someone who claimed to know where they were leading you.

Jesus has some fairly harsh words for bad guides in this passage in Matthew. He seems to lean fairly heavily on those who lead other people astray, away from the path of Truth and Love in God. His words concern those who cause others to stumble in their faith. Jesus is looking to those who have influence in the lives of others, who care for others and who are models of faith. Those people, people who are mature in their faith and people who, while immature, still wield influence, bear a significant responsibility to uphold the truth of Christ to the people with whom and to whom they minister.

Jethro has some words of counsel for his son-in-law Moses regarding leadership, good leadership, and what it entails. He is concerned that Moses will burn himself out and suggests delegating some of his judging to other trustworthy guides. These “capable” people will aid Moses in his work, as he aids the people of Israel in the work of God.

As Christians, as people of faith, it is a God-given responsibility we bear to bear God’s name well, and part of bearing that name well means pointing others to the good God well. Many times we make awful guides because our actions do not point to God, but instead away from God, and usually to ourselves. Jesus has choice words for us. His words bear the connotation of being people of integrity, people of wisdom, people who fulfill their God-given mission: be a good guide. Lead people not away from God, but to Him, to trust in Him, that together we move toward the future God has destined.

Be a good guide. Point well.


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