The Little Things

Day 31

Prayer for the day

Bow down your ear, O LORD, and answer me, for I am poor and in misery. Keep watch over my life, for I am faithful; save your servant who puts his trust in you.

Scripture for the day

Exodus 25-26, Matthew 20:17-34

I can’t count the number of times someone has told me that nothing is beneath God’s notice, that nothing is too small for God to care about. But I regularly struggle with that. If you’re like me, you think that God really cares about the big stuff, and that the little stuff is only important on a superficial level. Sure, he sees the sparrow when it falls, but it’s not that big of a deal, so he just sort of takes it easy with the sparrows.

The giving of directions about the tabernacle are spectacularly detailed. Measurements, materials, spacial relation, pictorial representation, and exact shapes. God’s explanation of the tabernacle to Moses shows God incredible care for the minutiae of the dwelling place of God with the people of Israel. When speaking to Moses, it seems that God has already given him previous directions regarding this dwelling place, plans on the mountain, even, yet God repeats himself to ensure that Moses gets it all down. This is a God who is meticulous in crafting the place where he will meet the Israelites.

The story today in Matthew has a similar feel. Jesus is walking through the crowd, and a couple of blind men are shouting for him to notice and heal them. The crowd around Jesus is always shouting. People are trying to be noticed in order to be healed, in order to have their relatives healed, and to be forgiven. In the midst of the din, Jesus catches the voices of these two fellows, and goes to meet them.

Jesus allows the men to name their desire. He asks what they would have from him, and they answer that they would have sight. He heals them in his compassion. Just an ordinary day for Jesus. But an extraordinary day for these two men. They were just two fellows, blind, likely facing the wrong direction when shouting. They were two small voices in the midst of the crowd. But the God of the details focused in on the noise of their voices, and approached them. These two societally useless fellows who couldn’t manage for themselves, who were shouting toward the teacher, or so they hoped, caught the ear of the God of the details. And it made all the difference to those two.

There’s a little book called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” I get the point. But in the Scriptures, it seems that we get to rely on the one who does. Nothing is beneath the notice or the care of the God of the universe. Even you. Even me.

Thanks be to God.


3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Lol I could have sworn I left a comment on here already but I guess I didn’t actually click the button haha. Just wanted to say that I found this quite encouraging. I think it’s easy for me to try and grind through the day to day stuff trying to do it on my own believing that it’s to small to bother God with. Even some of the big stuff I find myself hesitating to lift up because I’m always thinking “God’s got more important things to deal with. So ya, real encouraging.

  2. To most pinoys, we were raised to believe that God is not to be bothered with insignificant little things because God is too busy dealing with the rest of the world with all the crimes, calamities, death, etc. We were made to believe that when its out turn to ask God for help we’d better make sure that we didn’t bother him too much so He will honor our call for help. Today’s reading gives us the assurance that nothing is too small or too big for Him. All we need to do is to (singing Psalty’s version)) “I cast all my cares upon you, I lay all of my burden down at your feet….”

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