to obey…

Day 73

Prayer for the day

Let me know you, you who know me. Then shall I know, even as I am known.

Scripture for the day

Deuteronomy 25-27, Mark 14:27-53

I have kids. Quite a few kids. Four, in fact. And the more time I spend as a father, the more I understand the necessity of obedience. I’m trying to teach my kids to obey. I insist on it sometimes. And sometimes they resend me for it. Just like I resented my parents for it. But in the end, I’m appreciative of the teaching I received and hopeful that my children will one day be appreciative.

The Israelites are regularly encouraged to be an obedient people. They are asked to obey, reminded to obey ,commanded to obey, and ultimately punished for not obeying, though that’s a spoiler for another post. They are not only to obey, they are to set up reminders of the need to obey all over Israel. They are to keep the law with them, write it on their hearts, teach it to their children, bind it to their bodies, and build it into their homes.

Jesus has a similar command to the disciples. He gives them an instruction to stay awake, to pray, to keep watch, and they can’t handle it. And then Jesus puts his finger on the pulse of the problem that the Israelites and the disciples and you and I all face: the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so weak.

In the case of the Israelites, they would be constantly wooed by ease, by other nations, by other gods, by other distractions, even by the law itself, so that their spirit wanted to obey God, but the flesh had so many other drives and ideas.

For the disciples, they maybe didn’t understand the implications or the times, and they also were dead tired. Staying awake to pray didn’t seem that important. For us, obedience to God seems easy, but the distractions, cares, and lures of the world around us often prove too cunning, too attractive, too distracting, and it the end we lose our focus.

May our lives regain the focus of obedience. May we reclaim the obedience that is required of us, for our best. May we live lives of obedience to Christ.


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