Stay on Target

Day 86

Prayer for the day

Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield.

Scripture for the day

Judges 4-6, Luke 4:31-44

Distraction. It seems to be the stuff of life. We’re surrounded by distraction every single day. From the radio to the television to our cell phones and billboards, we’re inundated with things designed to keep us entertained and off-track.

Even Jesus faced distraction. Here he was, Jesus, the very Son of God, sent by the Father for a very specific mission, and yet he faced distraction daily. It was incredible. His message spread like wildfire, yet he was constantly begged to either stay places or leave places, surrounded by crowds wanting healing, wanting a word, wanting a message, wanting his time, wanting his everything.

Jesus knew his place, knew God’s design for him, and God’s desire for him. And he stuck with it, regardless of the distractions.

The Israelites ran into some distractions as well. They had God surrounding them, God fighting for them, God supplying their every need, but the gods and nations around them were a distraction to them. They turned to the right and the left and saw the nations around them as happy, as fulfilled, as exciting and new.

In their time of distraction, God constantly sent reminders. Prophets, judges, leaders, and all they did was disregard God’s desire and design for them.

Yet God drew them back. He had given them a mission, and God was routinely faithful in bringing them back to mission, in keeping them on target, no matter how hard or how far away they strayed. He used people like Gideon to ensure that Israel would not forget what they were to do. He used Deborah, he used Barak, and ultimately, he himself came to remind people that we’d lost our way, that we’d forgotten our mission. And he brought us back.


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