A Noble and a Good Heart

Day 93

Prayer for the day

How deep I find your thoughts, O God! how great is the sum of them!

Scripture for the day

Ruth 1-4, Luke 8:1-25

Jesus’ parable about the sower and the seed is easy enough to understand, and the point is clear: we all want to be the good soil, the stuff that hears the word, takes it to heart, and does what it says. We all want to think of ourselves as good dirt.

But the thought has to be translated to something more for it to be useful. Jesus says that good soil stands for someone with a good and a noble heart. The product of this good heart is perseverance, maturity, and eventually, a good crop. That means that the good hearted person hears the word of God, does it, sticks with it no matter what, and sees the results in the end. It may be a long time coming!

It would seem that Ruth is the kind of person Jesus is talking about. Someone with a good an a noble heart. Ruth marries a man who subsequently dies, and she leaves everything, EVERYTHING she knows, in order to go with her mother-in-law to a country she doesn’t know, to people she doesn’t belong to, to worship a God she hasn’t met. She does all of this out of loyalty and love to Naomi.

She goes further, trying to care for both of them in this foreign land, being QUITE forward in order to secure a place in Boaz’s family. She sacrifices everything for Naomi, and God brings blessing. In fact, God brings the most well-loved king Israel ever knew from her line.

God’s blessing in Ruth’s life is a lineage to rival the greatest. He gives her a husband, a land, a people, and a heritage, because of her faithfulness.

Oh, that we would be a faithful people with noble and good hearts.


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