the Chosen

Day 96

Prayer for the day

You are God; we praise you; You are the Lord: we acclaim you; You are the eternal Father: All creation worships you.

Scripture for the day

1 Samuel 7-9, Luke 9:18-36

God didn’t want the people to have a king. God wanted to be the king of the people. God’s kingship was better than man’s. When God was king the people hardly had to fight…God would fight for them. God would provide for them. God gave them rules and laws that were for their best. They didn’t have to worry about the goodness of the king, the intentions of the king, the desires he had for their rule.

Yet this wasn’t enough for them. They desired to be like the nations around them, desired a human ruler they could see, and blame, and follow. They desired similarity, continuity, ease. What they would get…well, it wouldn’t be nearly that nice.

But in the midst of their rebellion, in the midst of their stupidity and selfishness, in the midst of their rejection of their true King, God had mercy on them. God chose for them a mighty king in spite of their rejection of him. Even in rejection, God felt for the plight of his people. He raised up a king, despite knowing what a king would mean.

Years, decades, centuries later, God raised up another king. That is, God re-became king for his people. The man, the God, Jesus, is declared “king” by his followers. He is declared “king” by the rulers (eventually), and in the scripture today, he is declared King by none other than God himself.

On the mount of transfiguration, God’s voice thunders from heaven, accompanied by a vision, and Jesus is declared the Son of God with power. Not only the son, but the one to whom we should listen. Our king.

And the story has been continuing ever since. We stand in the tradition of those who recognize God as king, the ones who follow the chosen one.

We are the chosen followers of the Chosen.


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