the Cost

Day 97

Prayer for the day

Praise the LORD, O my soul! I will praise the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praises to God while I have my being.

Scripture for the day

1 Samuel 10-12, Luke 9:37-62

One would think that following wouldn’t be costly. After all, you simply watch and imitate, and you’ve got it down. This isn’t rocket science (unless you’re following a rocket scientist).

However, when it comes to following God, apparently the rules are a little bit different.

Jesus talks about what following will really mean for potential disciples, and frankly it doesn’t sound all that great or glamorous. Following Jesus means perhaps not having the same familial connections like we used to. Following Jesus may mean discomfort, conflict, and strife.

Following God in the First Testsment is equally difficult. The people have a new king, but God, through Samuel, continues to warn the about the perils of refusing to follow the true king. Over and over again the warning sounds that failure to follow God, from the king to the peasant, will result in disaster.

You’d think the Israelites would have caught on. They were constantly warned about the cost of following and also the benefits. But over and over they fell into the same pattern: idolatry and sin.

Jesus’ potential disciples had the same problem. They were constantly falling into idolatry, putting other things ahead of Jesus in the priorty list. And when they want to follow, they keep looking back, trying to find excuses and reasons why they’re allowed to kind of follow.

The kind of following Jesus demands is not the kind of following that allows for excuses. It don’t allow for other priorities and it don’t allow for differences of opinion with God. The kind of following Jesus means is the all-in kind of following, the following that counts anything lost as joy, and everything gained as gift.

This is the kind of following before us. Will you follow?


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