Day 107

Prayer for the day

Show your goodness, O LORD, to those who are good and to those who are true of heart.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 3-5, Luke 14:25-35

Following God is easy: all you have to do is follow. It is not, however, inexpensive. Following is costly.

Jesus tells his disciples that no one who does not hate his family and friends can call himself “disciple.” The call to follow Jesus is an all-encompassing call that does nto allow for any deviation, any side-stepping or equivocating. If one is to follow Jesus, one can ONLY follow Jesus.

The temptation to allow our loyalty to be divided is strong, and forces us to make a conscious decision regarding our following.

The cost of following is not limited to the Second Testament. The cost of following is shown in the First Testament in the story of David as well. David follows God no matter what the cost, and when he does this, God rewards him, God guides him, God cares for him.

There are a number of occasions that David makes this clear. One is in David’s constant fight against the Philistines. It may not be obvious at first, but David regularly seeks the counsel of God prior to his military engagements. He seeks God’s favour when he goes to battle, asking God whether he will be successful or not. This is not a self-preservation tactic, as some assume, but an explicit desire to ensure that EVERYTHING David does is in line with the will of the God he claims to serve.

The following is costly for David because it does not allow him to be king the way others would be king. It does not allow him the freedom of unilateral decision-making. Instead, the king is subject to a greater king who gives explicit instruction and must be followed.

David must pay in ego for following.

Do we have the fortitude to follow likewise? Can we set aside our rights and privileges to follow the one to whom everything is owed?


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