Humility and Repentance

Day 108

Prayer for the day

So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 6-8, Luke 15:1-10

Delight. It’s not a word we associate with God very often. Most people associate words like “demanding” or “severe” with God. And while God can certainly handle that kind of language, David uses different language to talk about God in the First Testament passage.

David uses words like promise, like blessing, like favor. While he doesn’t mention it specifically, David alludes to the fact that God delights in his people.

Jesus says similar things about God when he discusses the finding of a lost sheep or a lost coin. He speaks of heaven, of the angels, of all the heavenly realms “rejoicing” at the turning of one heart from darkness to light.

This powerful language moves the reader from the place of understanding God as only a severe disciplinarian, waiting with eagerness to destroy us should we step even slightly out of line , to a God who may discipline, but who does so because of His great love and care for His people.

This picture of God is a picture of a God who delights in what He sees. This seems to be the God who said in the beginning “yes, this is very good,” and who continues His assessment of His creation as “very good.” This is a God who does hate sin and love righteousness, but also a God who rejoices when His creation seek Him.

This may or may not sounds like the picture of God you grew up with. But it is the picture of God painted by those who have encountered the incredible grace and mercy of the one God. This is the eye-witness account of the God who is still at work in the universe, saving, transforming, and caring for His creation.

I pray you would meet this God, the God of David and Jesus. And that you, and He, would rejoice in the meeting.


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