What People Value…

Day 110

Prayer for the day

Our help is in the Name of the Lord; the maker of heaven and earth.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 12-13, Luke 16

It’s easy enough these days to see what people value. Sure, many value family relationships. Many value friends. Many value love. But most of us, if we’re honest, value a whole lot of things that have NO place in our values. We value success, we value money, we value showing off our success and our money, we value living vicariously through our children, we value making other people suffer so that we might be exalted.

In the First Testament story of the sons of David, Amnon seems to value only one thing: his own personal pleasure. He rejects the value of family, the value of morality, the value of decency, and instead, gives into his primary value: his own personal pleasure. This value gets Amnon killed. He rapes his sister and enjoys himself. He then comes to understand the lack of value that his value truly embodies. He values personal pleasure, but finally understands that his personal pleasure will not bring him happiness. He finally understands that his personal pleasure will never be satisfied, and never met. He comes not only to regret his action, which would have been appropriate, but instead, to hate his sister with a vehemence that outstrips his love for her.

In the Second Testament, Jesus runs through a number of stories and teachings to teach the Pharisees about the dangers of setting up improper value systems. He warns of valuing money, of valuing status, of valuing ourselves too highly. Jesus is very clear in his teachings: we need to understand our priorities and have them properly ordered by Jesus in order to be the followers we desire to be. Nothing else can be a proper primary value. All need to be subverted by and submitted to the lordship of Jesus and following him. All else is window dressing at best and idolatry at worst.

Let us value Christ, and him crucified.


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