Humble Reminder

Day 113

Prayer for the day

Remember me, O LORD, with the favor you have for your people, and visit me with your saving help.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 19-20, Luke 18:1-23

As David is returning “victorious” from his fight against his son, Absalom, he meets a group of diverse people along the way.

The people David meets are people with whom he has had contact in the past. Some were with him when he left the city in the first place, some stayed back in Jerusalem, and some hurled insults at him from the side of the road. Now that he is returning, each comes out with his own particular method of receiving the king’s favour.

Each, though, comes understanding that his life is in the king’s hands. The ones who have done well do not come expecting reward, but humbly, knowing that they may not be well received by the king because of perceived disloyalty. The ones who insulted him come in humility, believing that the king may have mercy, but not expecting it.

And David metes out his justice and mercy. Many receive what they do not deserve, some what they do.

Jesus talks about people who approach humbly for remembrance, people who aren’t expecting grace or mercy and people who haughtily are expecting them, and the significant difference.

He tells the story of two men who approach God. One of the men lifts his hands and thanks God that he isn’t like other men. He thanks God for his specialness, for the way he was apparently created so much better. The other approaches God in humility, knowing his sinful, evil self, and wanting nothing but to pour out his heart to God in hopes that God may hear him and release him from his anguish.

One gets what he deserves, and the other does not.

Which will we be?


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