The Memory

Day 114

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 21-22, Luke 18:24-43

God has a long memory. He evidences his memory in so many ways, in so many scriptures, that it becomes for us inescapable. God remembers his people, the good and the bad. As a Father, as a Friend, as a Lord, God remembers.

In the First Testament story, though David is now king, Saul is dead, and the land is at peace, God remembers the evil of Saul. God remembers what has happened to people because of Saul’s sin and his family. God remembers and judges the land and the people for the sin of Saul, who, as king, represents the people of Israel to God.

God remembers what Saul did, what Saul’s children did, and he sends famine on the land as a result. It is not until restitution is made for the evil Saul’s family did that God relents. He does not forget the sins of Saul’s family. Instead, he forgives the land. His word is that restitution has been made, and his memory, though it does not fade, is satisfied.

Jesus speaks of a similar kind of memory in the Second Testament. Here, however, instead of God’s memory being long for evil, God’s memory is long for good. God remembers what the people who follow Christ have given up. God remembers their sacrifice, and Jesus says they will be rewarded in good measure.

The God of Israel remembers all, and as he remembers all, he acts as he will. The response that is appropriate, the response that is called for in both situations, is that we be redeemed. In the good, we thank God for allowing us to follow. In the bad, we repent and make restitution. In both scenarios, we remember that God remembers. We remember that God is good, that God is just, that God is love. And we respond. We respond in love and thanks and justice and goodness.


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