Solid Investment?

Day 115

Prayer for the day

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and raise a loud shout to him with psalms. For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.

Scripture for the day

2 Samuel 23-24, Luke 19:1-27

The markets are tricky these days. It’s always hard to know what’s going to happen. Will gold go up or down? Bonds? Commodities? Will a simple word or a single note change everything? Will a quick news report send our stocks up or down?

Making a good investment these days isn’t easy.

In our two scripture passages today, we see some investments gone good and some that go the other way.

David makes good investments. He has a small cadre of fighters who serve as his elite echelon. His investment in these men is not simply financial. His investment in these men is something significantly more. He places his life in their hands.

In placing his life with his men, David entrusted them with his most prized possessions, and in so doing, he invested in them in a way that drove them to be the most mighty, the most valiant, the most feared and respected warriors in the land.

Jesus’ story about investment takes a slightly different tack.

Jesus tells the story of a man who invests in three of his servants. He gives them each a certain amount of money. Then he leaves. The true investment in this story is not the cash. The true investment is his trust in his servants to know what he will want and what he will require.

This investment has different returns. To the first servant, he gives ten. He receives twenty. An excellent return.

To the second servant he gives five. He receives five. An excellent return.

To the third, he gives one. He receives one. The safest return. And the one he will not accept. The servants were told to make his investment work for him. And the third servant has failed.

Each of us has received a gift, and investment of the king. What return are we working toward?


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