Long Live the King

Day 116

Prayer for the day

Search for the LORD and his strength; continually seek his face.

Scripture for the day

1 Kings 1-2, Luke 19:28-48

David was on his deathbed, and a battled ensued over who would be king after he was gone. It’s not unusual. It’s understandable. The king had many sons, and many of them would likely want power.

The scriptures are very clear that Adonijah decided that he would like to be king and began preparing for it. He was a take-charge fellow, and he had found something he wanted, so he took charge. Adonijah started to rally support, obtain military might, and sought out advisors. He was a self-starter, and entrepreneur, someone who would do well in the world of 21st-century North America.

The other candidate was a young man, Solomon. Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba (you remember Bathsheba), was worried for her life and the life of her son, and so she approached the king, asking for help. David, in his wisdom, announced that Solomon was to be king after him. And so his friends and servants marched into the city with the declaration that Solomon was the new king in Israel. They shouted his worth and declared him to be the new reigning monarch.

A similar crowd in a similar city proclaimed a similar sentiment a thousand years later. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem mirrors Solomon’s in many ways. Solomon was seated on a mule, Jesus on a colt. They were both acclaimed by the crowd. Both were sons of David. Both were to bring peace to their people.

And the cry of kingship still echoes. Solomon’s kingship has long since ended, but Jesus still remains. He is the good king who entered Jerusalem all those years ago and he remains the king who brings peace and glory, the one who comes not only in the name of YHWH, but AS YHWH. This is the long-awaited eternal ruler.

And we, in a response like the crowds, cry his praises.


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