How Long?

Day 123

Prayer for the day

Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the whole earth.

Scripture for the day

1 Kings 16-18, Luke 22:47-71

Sitting on the fence. It seems the human condition. Sitting on the fence has become something of a past-time in North America, particularly with our proclivity for political correctness. We waffle so easily, not wanting to take a side, not wanting to settle on a definitive position for fear of being wrong, offending, or being proved foolish.

Elijah’s great challenge to the people of Israel was to finally choose a side. They had see-sawed back and forth, from God the baals and back again so many times that it had become for them an epidemic.

They had forgotten the most fundamental of commandments: love God only. And Elijah did his best to prove to them why God was truly God, why God was the one he claimed to be, and why they ought to have been following him all along.

Peter learns the same lesson the hard way as the rooster crows on his betrayal. The one who had been so very adamant that he would always follow Jesus was the one who, at the end, could not follow any longer. Fear, pain, whatever drove Peter, kept him from the faithfulness that God demanded, the decisiveness that would have had him follow Christ to the very end.

The Jesus of the Second Testament who was the God of the First Testament was the one who called on the faithful to follow him and him only.

How long will we waver, see-saw, and waffle between what God has decreed as truth and what we perceive as self-beneficial? How long will we seek our own good above the good that God has decreed and desired for us? How long will we choose the awful above the awesome God we serve?

It’s time to stand.


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