Day 124

Prayer for the day

Your righteousness, O God, reaches to the heavens; you have done great things; who is like you, O God?

Scripture for the day

1 Kings 19-20, Luke 23:1-25

There are some in every group. They don’t play by the rules we all seem to want to play by. They make us uncomfortable, they challenge our preconceptions and our actions, and they upset the status quo.

These disturbers of the peace constantly push the limits and the boundaries. And they’re tremendously frustrating, especially when they’re agitating for a noble purpose.

ELijah was an incredible disturber of the peace. The queen, Jezebel, hated this man of God for his stance against her, against her husband, king Ahab, and against the idolatry they had promoted among the people of Israel. Elijah constantly plagued Jezebel and Ahab with his commitment to the God of Israel and his demand for moral purity and spiritual fidelity. He paid the price for this agitation, but it was only a small price compared to the call on his life.

A huge price was extracted from another agitator, this time the ULTIMATE agitator and disturber (while still a distributor) of the peace.

Jesus Christ not only agitated the political and religious leaders of his day, bucking the trends, forcing them to think about the structures they’d built on top of the scriptural laws and demands, and calling one and all to a spiritual, moral, and whole-hearted purity in following their God. Jesus’ agitation was not a simple fighting of the power, but a call to an entire paradigm shift. Each person who has been affected by the change Jesus has wrought recognizes that Jesus’ call was extraordinarily demanding.

Jesus was not simply an agitator for agitation’s sake. Jesus disturbed everything in order to proclaim the inbreaking of God’s kingdom here on earth, and he calls us to lives that proclaim that kingdom with everything we are!


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