Stand Up

Day 125

Prayer for the day

Hallelujah! Give praise, you servants of the LORD; praise the Name of the LORD.

Scripture for the day

1 Kings 21-22, Luke 23:26-56

It’s a nice thing to hear what you want to hear, to be told what you expect to be told. It’s a lovely thing to be lulled into action or inaction by pleasing counsel. Unfortunately, it’s also a great way to run into serious problem, as Ahab found out.

The prophets around Ahab were claiming that God was with him, and that if he went up to fight, he would be victorious. These men, who claimed to follow God, were deceiving Ahab. The reason, that God had sent a spirit to deceive him, is problematic, but must be dealt with at another time. For the purpose of this writing, Ahab was deceived.

This deception tickled Ahab’s ears. He heard that, despite his wickedness, God was for him, God desired to help him, God wanted him to win. He loved what he heard. He didn’t want to hear what he didn’t want to hear. But that’s what he needed to hear. He needed to hear the hard truth that God was not for him. God was indeed against him.

Joseph of Arimathea was similar to Micaiah the prophet in the First Testament. Joseph was a man who was surrounded by people who desired to condemn Jesus, but he disagreed with them. He was one who would not go along with what they wanted to hear, and he ended up immortalized in the story as the man who buried Jesus, who cared for the body of a condemned and crucified man. He was honoured for his stance.

Micaiah was not necessarily honoured for his stance, but he was well-known by the people and even by the king as one who would not waver. He would speak the words of the LORD no matter what.

Will we stand up? Will we be people who don’t say what people want to hear but what they need to hear? Will we speak the truth in love to those who’ve only heard truth or only heard love? Will we have the courage to stand up?


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