The Things They Saw

Day 126

Prayer for the day

O LORD, I call to you; come to me quickly; hear my voice when I cry to you.

Scripture for the day

2 Kings 1-3, Luke 24:1-35

Have you ever read through the scriptures and experienced a touch of jealousy at what our forefathers and mothers got to see and experience? They got to see the sea part, the river part, the desert fill with water, water flow from rocks, a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire. They got to see Jesus doing miracles. They got to see Jesus rise from the dead (or at least they saw him afterward).

Why don’t we get to see these kinds of things these days? We keep looking for the signs of God, for miracles, for the big to-do, but we don’t get it. We don’t get to see those things. We hear about them happening in other countries, and we wonder if those other countries are more faithful, less cynical, just not theologically sophisticated enough or civilized enough to recognize things that are scientifically verifiable.

But we believe the scriptures. And so we continue to wonder why we don’t see what they saw.

One of the great lessons of the life of Elijah and Elisha is that when Elisha saw amazing things done by his master, he praised God. He recognized the source of the power, and so when Elijah died, Elisha didn’t ask for the power, he didn’t ask for riches, or anything like that. Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. He wanted more of the kind of spirit God had given to Elijah.

The disciples, when they saw Jesus in the flesh, were astonished, but they still didn’t understand what was happening.

The point is that no matter what we see or don’t see, God’s call on us is the same: believe, follow. Believe, Follow.

We don’t see miracles like people used to (or we don’t recognize them as such): believe. Follow.

Some see miracles. Believe. Follow.

We may not see the things they saw but we serve the God they served. Our response needs to be the same.


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