Day 134

Prayer for the day

Taste and see that the LORD is good; happy are they who trust in him!

Scripture for the day

2 Kings 22-23, John 4:31-54

Nothing is so beautiful as the turning of a people back to the God they’d all but forgotten. The story of Josiah in the First Testament is always a favorite because of its beauty, its power, but mostly, because of its transformative nature.

In the story of Josiah, a young man becomes king and in the course of his desire to restore the cultic centre of Israel (or Judah), his people stumble upon the long lost law, which has been so badly broken that it is basically forgotten. This forgotten book of the law engenders in the people who hear it, first the king and later the country, such an incredible repentance, such a beautiful contrition that the nation seems to turn 180 degrees.

Finally, the people have given up (for a time) their prostitution, their infidelity, and have turned back to their first love. They recapture a love for the God they had all but forgotten.

We find the same kind of story in the Second Testament. A village in the country of Samaria (which if you’ve been reading in your First Testament, was part of the people of Israel) is revolutionized by the testimony of a woman and the coming of Jesus to speak with them. They are revitalized, they reconnect, they recommit to a God whom they also have largely forgotten.

It’s amazing that God can work this kind of reconciliatory effort in people who have largely forgotten who he is and if they’ve not forgotten who, at least how to worship and serve him. But that’s the God we serve, the God who does not simply cast aside, but who longs for hearts to turn back to Him in love and care and obedience. Let us bring joy to his heart!


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