Crossing Over

Day 135

Prayer for the day

Answer me when I call, O God, defender of my cause; you set me free when I am hard-pressed; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

Scripture for the day

2 Kings 24-25, John 5:1-24

Jesus says that everyone who believes in Jesus, everyone who believes in the Father who sent Jesus, pass over from death to life. The insinuation Jesus is making is that those who have yet to believe in him are living a life that is moving toward death. They are living in the “kingdom of death” which means that those in the kingdom are the ones who are dying.

The kingdom of life that Jesus is presenting, the kingdom that Jesus is inaugurating is the kingdom of eternal life. This is not simply the kingdom in the world to come, but this is the kingdom of life that begins now. This is the kingdom that Jesus’ life begins, Jesus’ life which shows those who live in the kingdom how to live.

The people of Judah (and the people of Israel) lived in the kingdom of life, the kingdom of the people who follow God and live in his revelation. Their life in the kingdom of life was created by God to give them the abundant life that Jesus talks about in the Second Testament.

They move from the kingdom of life, in rebellion, to the kingdom of death. Instead of living the life that God destined them for, instead of following the God who had given them life, the kingdom of life, they descend into the kingdom of death.

The people of Judah and Israel rebel against God and transition their loyalty, moving from the kingdom of life that God created for them to the kingdom of death. Jesus reverses the trend from life to death, Jesus inverts the movement.

In believing in Christ, in following God, in moving toward the God of the universe, Jesus says we move toward the kingdom of life.

It’s a move he offers to us all.


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