A Good History?

Day 136

Prayer for the day

Let us bless the LORD, from this time forth for evermore. Hallelujah!

Scripture for the day

1 Chronicles 1-3, John 5:25-47

The people of Israel had a long history. We’ve talked about that history before. They were proud of their long history, despite its ups and downs. They were a people with a solid legacy, a people who had come from what they saw as good stock.

They Israelites did more than take pride in their history: they sought their salvation in their history. The list of people in Chronicles is not meant to be salvific in and of itself, but taken with Israel history, it took on a kind of totemic power for them.

Jesus ran into this power more than once in the people he loved and ministered to. They constantly referred to Abraham, their father, to Moses, their inheritance. They regularly protested that they must be treated well because of their ancestry. They believed that the judgment of God dare not fall ont hem because of their illustrious lineage.

Jesus disabused the religious leaders of this notion, teaching instead that the full-fledged and whole-hearted belief in him and in the one who sent him were the only means by which a proud people might be made humble, and in that humility, might be saved.

God, Jesus claimed, was not impressed with claims of ancestry or lineage, but required instead that his people learn their true identity. They were not children of Moses or of Abraham. In order to be the people of God, they needed to understand that by believing in Jesus and in the Father who sent him, they were children of God.

Their true lineage, as believers, did not rely on the righteousness of their ancestors, but instead gave them the right to inherit what God had in store for them.

All that was required, all that is required, is to live as a child of God.


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