Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Day 139

Prayer for the day

Our help is in the Name of the LORD; the maker of heaven and earth.

Scripture for the day

1 Chronicles 10-12, John 6:45-71

It’s fascinating to me that people who have committed their lives to Jesus in the Second Testament are so ready to leave his service once things are difficult or even confusing. When they hear something they don’t like, something that annoys them or doesn’t connect with their expectations they bail on Jesus for other waters.

It’s a funny mix. Some who leave Jesus are likely good-natured, well-intentioned people who simply are disappointed. Some who stay, like Judas, will eventually betray Jesus, yet he sticks with Jesus at the beginning.

The mix of the disciples, those who leave and those who stay, is a great indication to us of the modern follower of Jesus and God’s requirement. Some who are well-intentioned may fall away and some whose intentions are evil may continue to follow. It is not a good idea for us to judge early.

In the First Testament, with the death of Saul, a lot of ambiguity was introduced to the Israelite people. Who was their new king going to be? Who would rule them, lead them, create in them the kind of community they were supposed to be?

And then some declare their loyalty to David. He’s already been called or anointed as king by the prophet, but this declaration of loyalty is a finalization of what was begun before by God through the prophet.

David does what Jesus does in the same situation…he creates a covenant with the people, promising to lead them, guide them, in short, to be their king and ruler. Jesus, in accepting the twelve, promises to lead them, to guide them, and to be their king and ruler.

Jesus offers the same choice to his people today. Will you accept his covenant?


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