Day 141

Prayer for the day

Let my cry come before you, O LORD; give me understanding, according to your word. Let my supplication come before you; deliver me, according to your promise.

Scripture for the day

1 Chronicles 16-18, John 7:28-53

One of the strangest things about the life of Jesus as reported in the Second Testament is the fact that so many people doubt what he says in the face of extraordinarily convincing evidence. He performs signs and miracles, teaches with more authority than the scribes and teachers of the law, and has the general air of someone who knows what he is about, and that is the work of the Father.

Jesus offers the leaders and the crowds plenty of clear evidence that he is who he says he is, but they have a hard time believing him. Why is that?

On the other hand, King David seems so obviously blessed by God in his kingship, his military victories, and the many ways God gives him honour, that his favour in God is largely without doubt. Why is there such a distinct difference between Jesus’ reception by the religious leaders and David’s reception by the entirety of the nation of Israel?

There are many ways to answer these questions, some of which are fairly easy and some of which take a little more digging. It is my belief that the main difference between Jesus and David is not the scope of their miracles or conquests, and it is not the nature of their God’s favour in their lives. The major discrepancy and the major rationale for the differences between their receptions lies in the scope of their claims.

David was acclaimed king by the prophets, by God, by the priests, and by the people because of his conquests and because of his favour with God. Jesus was claiming so much more than kingship, and even the miracles he provided were not enough to convince the leaders that someone even greater than David had come.

That is not to say that no one recognized Jesus for who he was.

Blessed are those who recognize and receive well the king of kings.


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