A Prophet

Day 144

Prayer for the day

Our sins are stronger than we are, but you will blot them out.

Scripture for the day

1 Chronicles 25-27, John 9:1-23

If you spend any time reading the scriptures, you’re going to run into the word “prophet.” A lot. There are true prophets and false prophets, prophets who speak for the True God and prophets who speak to please listeners. In the First Testament reading, David appoints a group of people called prophets. Their job is to prophesy and accompany prophecy with music.

Most of the time when we see the word “prophet” we think of someone who tells the future, like a fortune teller at a county fair. We think of one who can see far into the future, a prognosticator who glimpses the things in our future, or reads the fates, and tells us exactly what will happen.

While the scriptures DO use the word “prophet” to denote someone with this ability, it is certainly not exhaustive. In the First Testament, the prophets that David appoints do far more than just tell the future. They are the speakers for God, the ones who stand between God and the rest of humanity as the conduit of conversation, the vessel for speech, and the deliverers of Divine will. The prophets speak before God and for God to the people. And they do so with joy (largely) and thanksgiving.

In the Second Testament, the prophet continues to be someone who is more than a fortune teller. Jesus is called a prophet by the crowds, and they use the word to mean someone who has divine insight, someone who knows the mind of God and communicates it not only adequately, but well, to the people. The prophet, this Jesus, is someone who can interpret for them what the requirements and will of God really are.

Jesus continues to stand for us as the one who communicates the mind and will of the Father. We would be wise to listen to the prophet.

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