Where it all comes from…

Day 145

Prayer for the day

Let them know that you, whose Name is YAHWEH, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

1 Chronicles 28-29, John 9:24-41

It’s always amazed me that we cling so tightly to things we know we can’t take with us. We try so hard to hold on to our money, our fame, our success, and our lives. Look at commercials these days and all they try to sell you is the ability to hang on to what you don’t own. Stay young, stay rich, stay healthy. But they can never deliver.

On the flip side, you have the people of Israel. When David reveals his plans (God’s plans) for the temple, the people respond with overwhelming support for the idea. Not only do they support it vocally, but they pour their money into it. They bring what they can and more to ensure that the temple is built exactly to specifications.

Notice though, what David says about their gifts for the temple. He says not that the people were generous, but that God was generous to them, and that their girts were simply a return to God of what was already God’s to begin with. Their response to the building of the temple was thanksgiving for the gift of God.

The blind man healed by Jesus had a similar response. Jesus had healed him of his blindness, and he couldn’t understand how the religious leaders could believe anything other than that God had healed him.

His response was a recognition of the gift of God. He knew that his sight was a gift, and he was grateful to God for his good gift to him. The people of Israel knew that everything they had was gift, and they thanked God for it by returning it to his glory.

When we experience the gifts of God, how do we respond?

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