Wisdom to Rule

Day 146

Prayer for the day

Be glad, you righteous, and rejoice in the LORD; shout for joy, all who are true of heart.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 1-3, John 10:1-23

Rulers these days don’t really experience a lot of accolades for their wisdom in leadership. Most of the time we jeer and revile our political leaders, lampooning their mistakes and laughing at them when we’re not busy screaming at them for their political blunders. This kind of dismissal and distrust is not simply relegated to the political sphere, either. And probably for good reason. We have few enough good examples of leaders who really know how to lead, and to do it well.

With the plethora of leadership manuals, books, seminars, and videos, you would think we would have a world full of incredible leaders. But we don’t.

One of the big problems is that rarely does the leadership we see seek the kind of leadership that Solomon asked for. Notice that Solomon did not ask for success, or wealth, or even that the people he lead would be well-off. He asked for wisdom and understanding to guide him in his leading of the people of Israel.

In this request, Solomon recognized the true mark of leadership, what would actually cause people to want to follow, and to thrive in their following. They would follow someone who wisely lead.

Jesus shows himself to be the same kind of leader in the discussion of the good shepherd. He speaks of the kind of leadership that knows its followers, a leader who is so intimately connected with those he leads that they follow not out of fear, not out of duty, but out of a sense of belonging and loyalty that goes far deeper and motivates far more strongly.

May today be the day you pray for leaders (or yourself, if you are one). Pray that the leaders who lead you would be wise. Pray that God would give them his own wisdom, and that in that wisdom they would be the Christ-like “good shepherd” who knows his followers, and whose followers know him.

Think what kind of world we could see!


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