Day 147

Prayer for the day

I will thank you, O LORD my God, with all my heart, and glorify your Name for evermore.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 4-6, John 10:24-42

There are places that seem to connect us more fully to the presence of God. Most of us recognize that these places, whether the mountains, or other natural phenomena, cathedrals or homes, are not holy in and of themselves, but instead, they provide reminders, gentle or otherwise, of the presence of God in the world, and in our necessary response to God.

When Solomon built the temple, he was proud of the achievement, happy with what the hands of the Israelites and others had wrought. But he was not foolish enough to believe that God could be contained by walls of stone and curtains and gold.

God’s presence did inhabit the place, filling it with smoke, but Solomon clearly did not believe that this was the entirety of God’s presence, or that the whole of God’s presence was contained by the building. For Solomon, the temple was a touchpoint, a place where heaven intersected earth, a place where the divine was remembered, worshipped, and a place where the connection between heaven and earth could happen clearly. When people prayed, they prayed to God even as they oriented themselves to the temple. When they sacrificed, the temple provided the venue. When they sang, it was on the way to the temple, but always the temple was to be the signpost, the clear link, to the God who inhabits heaven and earth.

And this God came, in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells the religious leaders of his day that he is the messiah, the anointed one of God, that he is in fact God’s son, God himself. And many of the people believe in him, because they see in him the embodiment of what the temple was meant to be.

Jesus clearly points people to God. As long as they have eyes to see, they see the Almighty.

Glory to God.

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