Day 148

Prayer for the day

I will thank you, O LORD my God, with all my heart, and glorify your Name for evermore.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 7-9, John 11:1-29

“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.”

Life. We all have life, yet how many of us truly live? The life we live in the here and now seems to be different than the life Jesus promises in the Second Testament. The life Jesus speaks of is a life that does not end. We live in a world where life ends too quickly, too regularly. Death always has the last word here in the life we live.

The life Jesus speaks of is a life that does not end with death having the final word. It is a life that continues in death. It is a life that cannot be dominated, extinguished, or discontinued. It is the life in Christ, the life given by God, that remains regardless of attempts to snuff it out.

Solomon hears the same thing from the God for whom he built the temple. He hears God say to him that the people he leads, the people who will follow him as their king, are God’s people. And God’s people have the ear of their God. They have more than God’s ear. They have God’s care, God’s character, God’s design for them. If they humble themselves, says God, if they stay on the straight and narrow, if they continue in the path that God has set for them.

What we often do not remember is the opposite that God speaks to them. If they follow, if they obey, if they are humble and repentant, they will live. If not, if they fall to wickedness and idolatry, they will die. They will fall.

Believing. Living. Following. These will give life. These will give the life that Jesus says will not succumb to death.

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