In the Light?

Day 151

Prayer for the day

O LORD . . . answer us when we call.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 15-16, John 12:27-50

“Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you.”

It’s not that easy to walk in the darkness.

I remember at summer camp when I was growing up we would play “wide” games. They were games played on a huge scale, with hundreds of kids and dozens of counsellors. I remember particularly a game called “mission impossible.” We would play in the pitch black of night, trying to get to a “beacon” of light while being hunted by ruthless counsellors with flashlights. If you got “hit” by the light, you were dead, out, and had to leave the game.

I remember the darkness so well. It was darkness that was palpable. I remember being almost able to reach out and touch this darkness. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. And so we would focus on the beacon of light and allow it to guide us, because there was nothing to see in the dark.

Jesus says that those who walk ought to walk while they still have the light, lest the darkness take them over. The implication is that in the darkness there will be no way to be guided, no way to walk with confidence, no way to know what it is we’re following, and why.

Only life in the light, says Jesus, meaning life following him, is life that has meaning, purpose, and movement. A life lived without the light is a life lived in the shadows, blind and unable to see where we’re headed.

Asa knew a bit about life in the light and in the darkness. Here was a king who finally got things right for Judah, a king who followed God relentlessly, and God kept his part of the covenant by blessing Asa with peace and with a great rule. Until Asa abandoned God for an alliance with another country. A serious mistake, and it would cost Asa. He gave up the light of God’s leadership for the darkness of self-rule, and it ended up ruining what could have been something incredible.

A good warning for those who walk in the light.


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