A Legacy

Day 154

Prayer for the day

Satisfy us by your loving-kindness in the morning; so shall we rejoice and be glad all the days of our life.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 21-22, John 14

Posterity. It’s something we all think about at a certain age, and it’s certainly something that weighs on us as we age. How will we be remembered? Will we leave a legacy of godliness, or perhaps a legacy of philanthropy, or joy, or sorrow, anger, or excitement?

The list of the kings of Israel and Judah shows a significant desire for legacy, and it shows the dangers of legacies that are not so great.

The death of Jehoram is particularly poignant when we look at legacy. His wickedness caused God to treat him with great severity, so much so that he had a bowel disease that eventually killed him in a quite gruesome manner. After his death, not only is he called a wicked king, but the scriptures report that no one regretted his death.

What a legacy to leave behind. It seems that even the most heinous people leave some kind of grief in their wake, but this king was so awful that not even in death could he elicit sympathy. What he left behind was joy at his demise.

In the Second Testament, we have a view to a different kind of legacy. When Jesus dies, not only does he leave a legacy of godliness, he actually leaves something tangible behind in the person of the Holy Spirit. Jesus lived a life so permeated by obedience to God, by passion for the things of God and the kingdom of God, that at his death, God remains with the people. He leaves behind the legacy of kingdom work that is embodied (in a way) in the Spirit of God.

Are you living a life that will cause grief in your leaving? Are you living a life that so embodies the kingdom that people will know at your death that the spirit of God remains with them? What will be your legacy?


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