Glorified and Glorious

Day 157

Prayer for the day

Open my lips, O LORD, and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.

Scripture for the day

2 Chronicles 28-29, John 17

The prayer of Jesus in John 17 has a lot of esoteric-feeling language in it. Some of it is very unclear, and a lot of it seems set aside for the disciples alone. But a theme emerges from the prayer, a theme that speaks of the beauty and grace of God, a theme that calls for God to act even as the disciples act. That theme is glory.

Jesus prays that God would be glorified in the disciples, and that God would glorify the disciples. As they are glorified, God receives glory.

But what is this glory?

It is certainly not success or wealth the way the world would have it. Most of the disciples will eventually be martyred for their faith. None becomes a king or even all that famous. No, the glory that God gives is the favour of God that rests on the disciples. They are glorified by God when he gives them the power to accomplish the mission he has set for them. They are glorified by God when they receive the gifts of God. And God, in turn, is glorified when they use this gifts for his glory!

People in the First Testament understood this concept as well. When Hezekiah restores the temple and the sacrifices and all the cultic ritual associated with the temple, he does not do so for personal gain, but as a servant of the Most High God. He restores what should never have been defiled because he recognizes that God’s glory, God’s character, is at stake in the behaviour of the people of Israel, and he desires to glorify God. He does so, and in turn, God glorifies Hezekiah. Things are completed quickly, and all Israel rejoices in the return to their God.

May we be glorified that He may be glorified.


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