The Right Stuff

Day 170

Prayer for the day

In you, O LORD, have I taken refuge; let me never be put to shame; deliver me in your righteousness.

Scripture for the day

Esther 1-2, Acts 5:1-21

Have you ever met one of those people? Those people who seem to be magnetic? People flock to them they just seem to be naturally gifted to draw people to themselves. They don’t even seem to have to work all that hard at it.

It would seem that Esther was that kind of person. She seemed able to draw people to her, to impress people with her beauty, her abilities, her character. She impressed the king’s servants, the other harem women, and the king himself. There was something about Esther that was attractive, but not simply an external attractiveness. And that something, though the scriptures don’t mention devotion to God (Esther is the only Biblical book to not mention God), we can assume, has something to do with her devotion to service. Is that service to God? I believe we can assume so. Her devotion to do what is right, to care, to serve, is attractive to people.

The apostels in the book of Acts seem to have the same magnetism. This is not necessarily associated with their personalities (Peter is not usually regarded as having the greatest personality or ability to submit), but with their devotion to the things and ways of God. He and the others meet regularly in the synagogue. Others admire their devotion but are nervous to join them in their service and obedience to God.

The apostles are attractive not only because of their miraculous powers, either. Though the miracles regularly draw people, they are not the primary focus of the apostles. They devote themselves to preaching the word of God, to living the word of God, to seeking the kingdom of God, and this attracts people from every walk of life.

Would that we would devote ourselves similarly. Would that we be attractive for Jesus’ sake.


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