Day 171

Prayer for the day

To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul; my God, I put my trust in you; let me not be humiliated, nor let my enemies triumph over me. Let none who look to you be put to shame.

Scripture for the day

Esther 3-5, Acts 5:22-42

There is almost always a price for doing the right thing. It may not be the most obvious price, it may not be apparent or easy to anticipate, but serving God is rarely free of cost.

Esther and Mordecai encounter opposition particularly when Mordecai refuses to bow to Haman when he passes. Haman is the king’s representative, one who has been blessed and honoured by the king, but Mordecai refuses to pay him the honour he believes he is due.

We are not told exactly why Mordecai refuses, though it is easy to assume from the placement fo the explanation that he is Jewish that the rationale has something to do with the Jewish refusal to worship anyone but YHWH God.

Mordecai’s faithfulness to the faith and practice of his people is costly. Haman is offended and insulted by Mordecai’s refusal, and plots not only to kill Mordecai, but all the Jews in the kingdom!

The disciples encounter similar opposition when they seek to obey the word of God by preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Their words, as wonderful as they are, are damning to the religious leaders, who seek then to punish the apostles. This opposition takes the form of hatred and threats of violence as well as imprisonment.

Because the apostles were faithful to the call of Christ, they were in constant danger of being hurt or losing their lives. Because Mordecai was faithful to the call of God, his people were in danger of losing their lives.

Faithfulness costs, and the opposition can be fierce. Stand firm.


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