Day 176

Prayer for the day

I hate those who have a divided heart, but your law do I love.

Scripture for the day

Job 5-7, Acts 8:1-25

What is the true desire of your heart? Many quote the line from scripture that God will give you the desires of your heart. But how many of us actually understand what the desires of our heart ARE? We are so distracted by our societal surroundings that most of the time, even if we know what we desire, we don’t know WHY we desire it!

In the Second Testament story today, we read of a man named Simon. Simon’s official title in the text is “sorcerer.” He was a trickster, a magician, someone who made his living amazing people. Simon did well, we’re told. Until he ran into the apostles. He saw them doing things that he, as a lowly sorcerer, must have only dreamed of. In his amazement, he approached the apostles to ask if they might confer this power upon him, that he might have the abilities they have, what they called the “Holy Spirit.”

Simon had a desire that from the outside looks laudable. He wants the Holy Spirit. How can we fault someone for wanting more of God? Yet the motive behind his desire, in fact, the sire itself is idolatrous. He desires the Holy spirit in order to impress. He desires the power without the sacrifice.

Job, on the other hand, believes that he desires death. He desires relief from pain and suffering, but in the midst of it all, recognizes that his desires need to line up with the desires of God. In the midst of his suffering he refuses to cast God as the villain, asking instead for rationale. Though this could be construed as questioning God, it is certainly allowed by God at the time. The action may have been a tad improper, but the desire was not.

May God grant us the proper desires of our hearts.


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