Day 177

Prayer for the day

O LORD, I call to you; my Rock, do not be deaf to my cry; lest, if you do not hear me, I become like those who go down to the Pit.

Scripture for the day

Job 8-10, Acts 8:26-40

“Justice” is the buzzword of my generation. Everyone is seeking for justice. And a lot of things get subsumed under the umbrella of justice. Equality, racial reconciliation, sexual freedom, and all sorts of other aspects of life.

In both of the scriptures for today, justice makes an appearance. In the story of Job, Job is talking about the justice of God. Job’s theology of God’s justice may be a little difficult for modern people to swallow, but if we look at Job’s statements as the cries of a man in distress rather than as a perfect description of all the attributes of God, it may help us understand his response.

Job, in essence, says that God is just, but that the justice of God is beyond human understanding, and that even if we did complain of the justice of God, we would automatically be in the wrong. Job’s is quite a fatalistic view of the justice of God, but when we recognize his true heart cry, that God is almighty, we understand why he says what he says. He feels that regardless of what he’s done, God will do what God will do, and to question that, though it is his desire, is to question the justice of God, which is foolishness.

The Ethiopian eunuch who encounters Philip also reads a passage about justice. He reads the prophet Isaiah, who says that the one he his prophesying about “was deprived of justice.” Philip used this to connect to the good news of Jesus, who, though he was crucified unjustly, was the sacrifice for sin. Though the justice of God was not upheld, good came.

For Job and for Jesus, the justice of God is a good thing, but it is not always clear how it is a good thing. The difficult answer is that what God does is just, and trust is necessary to see it with the eyes of faith.


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