The Power

Day 179

Prayer for the day

Your way, O God, is holy; who is as great as our God?

Scripture for the day

Job 14-16, Acts 9:22-43

During Job’s ordeal, again and again he returns to the theme of the power of God. He certainly doesn’t understand WHY God is doing what he’s doing, but he regularly appeals to God’s ability and justification regardless of what God does.

The power of God is something that it’s easy to forget, particularly when we focus our eyes on what’s going on in the world without an eye to acknowledging that what happens here is under God’s direct control. Whether people believe that God DOES everything, allows everything, or oversees everything, Job recognizes that the power of God is what holds all things together.

This power of God does not ease Job’s pain. In fact, this power of God terrifies Job, because he’s experiencing the painful effects of the powerful God who is both able to sustain AND destroy life.

Saul who became Paul also has an experience of the power of God. He has experienced a bit of the painful power of God when he was blinded on the road to Damascus. He experienced the healing power of God when his sight was restored. And now he experiences the power of God flowing through him as he heals Aeneas and Tabitha/Dorcas. This experience changes the minds and hearts of people around the city, and must impress itself on the mind of Paul as well.

The power of God does not simply oppress, but gives life. Aeneas is given new life, his paralysis healed and his body entirely made whole. Dorcas is literally given new life, a resurrection and re-animation. The power of God is life. The power God wields is life and death. God is able both to give and take away, and he does so through his mercy and his grace.

May you experience the life-giving power of God.


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