Day 180

Prayer for the day

O God, you are my God, and I will earnestly seek you.

Scripture for the day

Job 17-19, Acts 10:1-23

Job and Peter are about to have the same kind of problem. Job is still in the midst of his turmoil and his friends continue to be no help. They accuse him of wrongdoing, of being less intelligent and full of pride and sin.

Job knows that this is not the case, that he is innocent of wrongdoing, and continues to protest this innocence.

Yet at the core of his response to his friends this time is not his innocence, but God’s action. He compares what his friends are doing, torturing him, with what God is doing, but he’s convinced that God must have God’s own reasons, whereas he can’t see any good reason why his friends would torture him instead of bringing him comfort.

His argument rests then on worrying about what God is doing, not what his friends are doing. He believes that he will eventually see God, eventually understand what is going on, eventually understand why God has done what God is doing. And that hope is something his friends won’t offer him. He must focus on God, and not on man.

Peter has a similar problem, or will. He is informed by God, as a gentile comes to meet with him, that he is now allowed to break the Mosaic food laws. All of the things God once declared unclean are now clean. He may kill what was forbidden and eat what was forbidden. This is going to be a serious difficulty when Peter tries to explain his rationale to the other apostles. He will encounter significant opposition. Yet Peter, like Job, recognizes his need to follow the word of God rather than the word of man. He remains faithful to his God and seeks to obey.

May we be faithful to our God and not simply to the men and women we believe we are beholden to.


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