In the end…

Day 182

Prayer for the day

You are my hiding-place; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance.

Scripture for the day

Job 22-24, Acts 11

It’s sometimes little comfort to know that God will make things right in the end. Particularly in the midst of pain, believing that “it’ll all be alright” seems mindlessly optimistic.

Job seems to know that it’ll all be alright in the end. At the end of his speech, he comes across as possibly hopeful. This seems a serious shift for Job, but he expresses his belief that God will bring both the wicked and the righteous to their end, but that it will be done in the timing of God.

Job’s trust in the timing of God is not always rock-steady, of course. He desires to bring his case to God in his own timing, to appeal his case in front of the almighty God, and to have justice done immediately.

That justice would be done eventually was a long hope, but it will be done. God’s justice will be accomplished, in the end.

Peter gets to see God’s grace and justice poured out even before the end, with the inclusion of the Gentiles in the plan and mercy of God.

When the apostles see the proof of this, when they see that God’s grace and mercy are poured out on the Gentiles, on the “undeserving,” they rejoice and they praise God. Their response to seeing things becoming alright, to seeing God expanding his redemption plan, to seeing God’s grace exploding in the world, is to fall down and worship, to pray and give thanks.

God will make all things right in the end, and God’s work is moving things toward alright-ness here and now. As God does this, it is our great pleasure to rejoice and praise God for his incredible grace and mercy.


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