Cry Out

Day 183

Prayer for the day

Search for the LORD and his strength; continually seek his face.

Scripture for the day

Job 25-27, Acts 12

Job finishes his discourse to his friends with a note to them about the fate of the wicked: he says that they will go down to shame because they will not cry out to God for help. Interestingly, Job does not necessarily base the salvation of God on a works mentality, but on the idea that those who belong to God will cry out to God, and that in their crying out, they will, someday, be vindicated.

He does not note what this vindication will look like because his focus is not on the righteous, but on the wicked. He focuses on the wicked because of the way his friends are attacking his integrity. He maintains that he is still an innocent man, and that his innocence, his belonging to God, is evidenced by calling on God.

Peter and the apostles are others who believe that the righteous will be saved when they call on the Lord. Again, what the saving looks like is not clear. James, the brother of John, must have called on the name of the Lord, but he was killed by Herod. Peter calls on the name of the Lord, and the Lord sees fit to save him in this life.

Peter is miraculously released from his prison, and when he is released by the hand of God using the angel, Peter goes to the house of his friends, where his release is so unexpected that they disbelieve his presence.

Peter’s release is indeed a miraculous salvation, a salvation wrought by the God upon whom Peter calls. The apostles and Peter all pray for his release, and God grants their request.

These two stories stand as examples of the truth that all who are righteous will call upon the Lord, knowing that God will save, whether now, or in the next life.

Call upon the name of the Lord, and be saved.


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