Set Them Apart

Day 184

Prayer for the day

Our soul waits for the LORD;* he is our help and our shield. Indeed, our heart rejoices in him, for in his holy Name we put our trust. Let your loving-kindness, O LORD, be upon us, as we have put our trust in you.

Scripture for the day

Job 28-29, Acts 13:1-25

In both of the scripture passages for today, we see men who have been called by God to DO something, in addition to BEING something.

In the story of Job, Job recounts all of the good things he has done for God, knowing that these things were accomplished because of the call of God for Job to act a certain way. Had Job acted differently, he could not be making the claim of integrity that he makes before God. While his main complaint is still that these things are happening to him despite his innocence, he maintains that what he has done he has done well, and that his friends have no cause to put him down for his actions.

Paul and Barnabas, likewise, are called to be set apart for God, and for the purposes for which he has created and called them. They are to be preachers of the word, men who speak the word of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard.

Note that the call of God to be set apart is not 100% clear. They are not told exactly what they will do, only that they have been set apart. It is up to Paul and Barnabas to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and to do what the Holy Spirit guides them to do. This is the content of their calling.

Note the set-apartness, however. They are recognized as having been called in a different way, and so are freed to act in such a way. While we don’t have evidence of Job’s calling, he is obviously set apart in his actions.

Whether or not you’ve heard the audible voice of God, you have been called, set apart, to serve with your gifts. Are you serving?


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