Power part II

Day 189

Prayer for the day

Early in the morning I cry out to you, for in your word is my trust.

Scripture for the day

Job 38-40, Acts 16:1-21

It’s God’s turn to respond. After all of his speeches, after all of his friends’ speeches, Job is struck silent by the word of God.

God’s power is on full display here. God clearly delineates the difference between himself and Job, speaking of the energy it takes to create, the power God wields, the incredible creativity and phenomenal dynamism of the creator God, compared to the inability of humanity to actually create, instead being co-creators with God, working with “stuff” that’s already been created.

God’s words about creating silence Job. His power silences Job. His might and creativity silence Job. God does not vindicate Job’s friends. Instead, God responds to the accusations Job has levelled against him. Job’s accusations that God does not care, that God is unjust and has wrongly punished Job do not go unanswered. God is God, and so is justified in his action. Job is not God, and so has little cause to complain. However, God will continue to speak!

The power of God does not wane just because the Testaments change. In the book of Acts, the power of God, while it may not be demonstrated in exactly the same way, is clearly demonstrated. It is demonstrated in the way that God changes the heart of Lydia. It is demonstrated in the way that God directs the little company, forbidding them entrance into certain places and leading them to others. It is demonstrated in the way that God banishes the spirit from the fortune telling woman. Paul and his companions do not command the power of God. They ask, and God demonstrates His power. The same power that created the universe and upholds is is the power that creates and upholds the church.

God the powerful is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We would do well to remember.


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