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Day 190

Prayer for the day

I put my trust in your mercy; my heart is joyful because of your saving help.

Scripture for the day

Job 41-42, Acts 16:22-40

It’s unbelievable. Job gets back everything he had before, and more! He’s freed from his sickness, his loneliness, his poverty, and best of all, he is reinstated!

This restoration of Job’s health, wealth, and status may go far enough to lead us to understand that Job’s friends had been right all along, that all God was waiting for was an apology and then Job would be allowed to return to the lap of luxury.

This would be the case, of course, if the Lord had not just reprimanded Job’s friends for speaking untruthfully and demanded that they sacrifice before Job, and ask that he intercede for them.

This is both the great guilty verdict as well as the acquittal of Job. He was guilty of demanding justice in his time in his manner, but he is innocent of incorrectly attributing characteristics to God which do not rightly belong to God.

He is given what he is given, therefore, not because he is perfect, nor because he is innocent. He is given back what was removed because God was gracious and decided to give it back. It is not earned, but gifted.

Paul and Silas have a similar situation in prison, thought theirs is less about gift and more about deserving preferential treatment, being Roman citizens. The beautiful thing about the story of Job as it contrasts Paul and Silas is that God’s graciousness is not limited by our worthiness. Job repents, but it is no guarantee of good treatment, as Roman citizenship certainly is.

Instead, the gift of God remains the gift of God. There is no recompense, there is no deservedness, and there is no apology. There is simply God’s good gift, and it totally undeserved.

Thanks be to God.


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