How Many Are My Foes

Day 191

Prayer for the day

I will offer you a freewill sacrifice and praise your Name, O LORD, for it is good.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 1-3, Acts 17:1-15

The Psalms of David are some of the most moving literature in the scriptures. They evoke such incredibly visceral reactions, giving us clear and imaginative imagery. David laments, he struggles, he wins, and he loses, and all throughout he writes with poignant grace. Sometimes his words are terrifying, sometimes comforting. But his regular return to the God he loves is comforting always.

In this Psalm, David cries out to God, believing himself to be hard set upon. It is a plaintive cry David makes, calling upon God to rescue him from what must have seemed to him a very grim situation. The Psalm is said to have been written while David was running from his son, who was trying to kill him. His line had failed him, his son was out for blood, but wonder of wonders, David’s faith remains steadfast. “From the Lord comes deliverance” he says, believing that his God will save him from the calamity that is about to strike.

David, notice, never says that God will remove the enemy. He simply says that God will watch out for him.

That’s certainly a lesson that Paul and Silas (as well as their companions) learn over and over again. In almost every place they visit, even though these places are where God WANTED them to visit, they are beset by enemies, people who would throw them in prison, people who would kill them, people who would see them and their message die and never return.

Incredibly, through all of their journeys, their faith remains strong. They trust that in them, God will accomplish what God sets out to accomplish.

What will you say when foes surround you? Will you believe that God will always do what God will do in you, and that it will always be according to his purpose?


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