You Will Not Abandon Me

Day 196

Prayer for the day

Hosanna, LORD, hosanna! Lord, send us now success.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 16-17, Acts 20:1-16

The Psalmist takes incredible comfort in the nearness of God. Honestly, all of us would. But not only does he love the nearness of God, he loves the faithfulness of God in that nearness. The end of Psalm 16 recounts the faithfulness of God in saving his beloved, and not simply from sin. There is a sense that the Psalmist understands that God will save him from some calamity because of God’s faithfulness.

Anyone who’s lived for any time as a Christian recognizes that this is not the permanent state of things. Certainly God is able to prevent disasters or save us from them, but it doesn’t always happen. We get hurt, we have accidents, we die. The concern of the Psalmist is not to prove that God will never allow anything bad to happen (if that’s what you think, go back and read all of the “Job” posts!), but that God’s care for God’s people is everlasting. That is, God will not abandon his people, even in their pain. He is here, and he will always be here.

Eutychus learned that lesson the hard way. He was attending a lecture given by Paul. He heard the good news of Jesus preached, and preached for an awfully long time. Like most preachers, Paul enjoyed getting a chance to share Jesus with people, and like most preachers, he made the most of the situation, preaching long into the night. Combined with the heat from the lamps and the lack of fresh air, Eutychus fell from his window perch to his death.

Note, God didn’t stop the fall. There was no miraculous mattress appearing out of thin air. Eutychus died. But such was the love and care of God for this man through Paul, that he was brought back to life to spread the good news.

Here is the picture of a God who does not abandon his people or allow his word to go unheard. Here is a God to follow!


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