Day 202

Prayer for the day

Exalt yourself above the heavens, O God, and your glory over all the earth.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 31-32, Acts 23:16-35

It sometimes comes down to circumstances. There are some times in our lives when it’s virtually impossible to see justice done on our own. We have to appeal to a higher court. This happens in the workplace, in school, even at home, as we seek to ensure that things are done fairly and carefully. We recognize injustice or indignity and ask that someone with less invested, an impartial third party, arbitrate our difficulty and take up the cause.

The Psalmist regularly appeals to a higher court, the ultimate judge, the Almighty, and asks that his case be put to God rather than men, who tend to be fickle and corruptible. The Psalmist knows the evil in men’s hearts because he has seen the evil in men’s deeds, and so he takes his case to the highest court, believing that the God who gives life is the God who is able to judge accurately and adequately, according to his grace, mercy, and justice.

Paul, a Roman citizen, has been accused of evil by the religious leaders, and in a move that may be a bit desperate, he appeals to higher authority, that is, the citizenship. His appeal has to be recognized because of who he is, and so instead of allowing those who would see him dead to judge him unjustly, he seeks the judgement of a higher court which is able to judge more accurately and fairly what ought to be done.

In the case of both Paul and the Psalmist, there is a recognition that we as humans are not all that great with justice and fairness, and that when we are so close to any kind of situation, we lack the ability to judge justly.

Praise God that He hears our cries, and that, unlike us, God is able and capable of doing what God knows is best.


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