He Lifted Me

Day 206

Prayer for the day

What terror you inspire! who can stand before you when you are angry?

Scripture for the day

Psalm 40-42, Acts 27:1-26

There are times when it’s easy to rationalize the fact that it seems God doesn’t respond as quickly or as dramatically as God used to. It’s easy to say that he saves our souls and doesn’t worry so much about our bodies, that the salvation we read about in the Psalms and in other parts of the scripture is simply spiritual salvation. But if we limit God’s saving acts and abilities simply to the spiritual realm, we neglect the rich heritage of true bodily salvation that is referred to in the scriptures.

Whether or not the Psalmist is claiming actual bodily salvation in Psalm 40 is debatable, but the fact that God bodily saved David (and we assume some of the other Psalmists) is not in dispute. David was regularly rescued by God from situations that were, at the least, hazardous to his health! He was constantly pursued in his early years, and yet God was faithful to rescue him physically.

Paul experiences the same kind of salvation from God in the form of rescue from a storm and shipwreck. It’s got to be one of the scariest things, to be shipwrecked in a storm. Given the Hebrew dislike of water all through the scriptures, it’s amazing how many shipwrecks are present in scripture. Yet in the significant distress in which the sailors find themselves, Paul speaks words of comfort, words that rest on the promise of God that they will be alright if they stay true.

Paul’s surety that everything will be ok is based on the word of God who said everything would be ok, and in the end it is. God saves Paul and the rest from certain death in order to accomplish his purposes.

There is no guarantee that we will all experience physical salvation in every moment, but it’s nice to know that the God of the universe did, and does, save people physically as well as spiritually!


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