Put Your Hope in God

Day 207

Prayer for the day

Our God is in heaven; whatever he wills to do, he does.

Scripture for the day

Psalm 43-45, Acts 27:27-44

David had need of God. All of the time. He was constantly in turmoil, sometimes because of his own sin, but often because he was oppressed by many enemies, as we have explored before. The extraordinary thing about David and the rest of the Psalmists is that they don’t run to and fro looking for help from anyone.

David and the Psalmists maintain hope in God. Hope is an incredible thing. It keeps us going. It’s not necessarily an unreasoning optimism. Rather, their hope in God is based on the character of God. Their hope is based on the faithfulness of God, his care for their well-being, and his promise that he would be their God and they would be his people.

Hope is something that remains when everything else goes away. Hope is something that is based on something stronger than a good feeling or hunch. The hope of the biblical writers was a hope based on the word of God and his character.

Paul knew something about hope. In the middle of his shipwreck, Paul faced several situations that most of us would call “hopeless.” The sailors and soldiers he’s travelling with are constantly threatening the lives of the passengers, hoping to kill them before all of their prisoners escape and they are blamed for the catastrophe.

The soldiers were hopeless. They were in danger for their lives in several ways. They were supposed to be responsible for the prisoners and for the journey and both were about to go badly wrong. Instead, Paul steps in and tells them what they need to do. Paul gives the men hope, and that hope is based on the words and character of God. God will save, and the people who the soldiers cover will be faithful to their words as well.

Hope is a wonderful thing. May you hope in the character and faithfulness of the God who does not fail.


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